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Advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic water meter

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Ultrasonic water meter is a new type of water meter, which detects the time difference caused by the change of velocity when the ultrasonic sound beam is propagating downstream in the water.How does the ultrasonic meter work?What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ultrasonic meter?

How the ultrasonic meter works

The ultrasonic water meter adopts the time difference method to measure the flow, that is, an ultrasonic transducer is installed in the upstream and downstream of the measuring channel (pipe section) respectively for the mutual transmission and reception of ultrasonic signals.

Due to the superposition of ultrasonic signal and water flow signal, the propagation velocity of sound wave is different in downstream and countercurrent. Therefore, the running time of ultrasonic signal emitted by different transducers is different in water. By measuring the difference of the time, the flow velocity of fluid can be calculated and then converted into the flow rate, so as to realize the measurement of flow rate.

There are two transducers on the top of the flow tube. The a transducer sends an ultrasonic signal to the B transducer (downstream), while the B transducer sends an ultrasonic signal to the A transducer (counter-current). The ultrasonic signals of downstream and counter-current form a certain time difference in the transmission process.

In the case of the demarcated pipe diameter cross-sectional area and the standard measuring pipe length, the flow rate of the meter is calculated by the calculation chip on the integrator.

Advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic meter

Ultrasonic water meter is a full electronic water meter made by adopting the principle of ultrasonic time difference and industrial grade electronic components.Compared with mechanical water meter, it has the characteristics of high precision, good reliability, wide range ratio, long service life, no moving parts, no parameter setting, arbitrary Angle installation and so on.

The ultrasonic water meter has no movement, no flow resistance, no wear and little pressure loss.High sensitivity to detect small changes in flow rate.At the same time, the measured medium has almost no requirements, has an extremely wide range ratio, and the ultrasonic water meter structure is simple, easy to maintain, very suitable for civil and industrial measurement.

But ultrasonic water meter is less stable.

Use of ultrasonic water meter

1. Industrial process measurement and control.

2. Substitute mechanical flowmeter to improve measurement reliability.

3. Replace various kinds of high performance flowmeters with tight arms.


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