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Bulk size Ultasonic water meter application scenario

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Bulk size Ultasonic water meter application scenario:
1). It is applied to DMA District metering and evaluation system and SCADA system of water supply network;
2). Real time monitoring of water pressure, water volume, temperature and other parameters in the independent metering area of water supply network;
3). Analyze the change trend of minimum flow at night, evaluate the leakage of pipe network in the area, and provide basis for real-time alarm analysis of abnormal conditions;
4). Provide data basis for rational allocation of water resources and scientific decision-making for water supply management departments, reduce the work intensity of manual meter reading and improve the work efficiency of water supply management departments;
5). It provides a basis for monitoring data, water supply dispatching evaluation, abnormal water use alarm, pipe network hydraulic model verification, water use monitoring and analysis of large industrial and commercial users, reducing the production and sales difference of water supply companies and improving the pipe network management level of water supply enterprises.
Conclusion: of course, bulk size ultrasonic water meters can be applied not only in the cause of smart water supply measurement, but also in other fields. I believe that with the increasing application of ultrasonic water meters, smart water will be closer and closer to us.



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