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  • Q Ultrasonic RS485 connection

    According to our guidance document.
    About the water meter address: Use the last 2 digits of the water meter serial number to convert it into a decimal code. The converted code is the table address of the water meter.
    Because our water meter serial number is a hexadecimal code, the software is a decimal code. Therefore, the conversion is required for the software to recognize.
  • Q Is the platform free? Can it be prepaid?

    A It is free, and the administrator can pre-charge the amount on the platform to create a user information file for each user.
  • Q What data on the water meter can the platform collect?

    A At present, our platform can collect the accumulated flow, battery voltage and upload time on the water meter, and the ultrasonic LoRa can also collect the instantaneous flow rate.
  • Q Does our platform have a user interface?

    A At present, our account has no user interface, and our customer-customized software can be used as a user interface.
  • Q Lora and Lorawan gateways. What is the role of the gateway? What is the connection with our water meter?

    A The gateway refers to the water meter signal receiving and transmitting device. In the Lora system, it is the concentrator, and the Lorawan is the signal tower. The gateway plays a role in the remote transmission system. It can be said that leaving the gateway, the water meter cannot communicate normally.
  • Q Do we have relevant communications and parameters related to the server?

    A The source code factory for communication between the water meter and the server or concentrator is unwilling to provide it, because providing this parameter is equivalent to giving the core part of our communication technology directly to the customer, but we can give it according to the customer. Communication protocol to make modules to meet customer needs.
  • Q What do you need if the system is docked?

    A System docking is through the HTTP protocol, using web authoring tools, such as POSTMAN, to send our domain name, account, password, order to the customer, the customer can add this data to their own software, so that through the customer's own software, Read and control the water meter.