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Comparison of ultrasonic water meters and ordinary water meters

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Compared with general water meters, the characteristics of ultrasonic water meters are:

1. Anti-blocking property: If soft impurities such as hemp and silk appear inside the ordinary water meter, the impeller will be stuck.

The ultrasonic water meter uses a straight pipe section, which is basically equivalent to a water pipe, and no internal blockage will occur.

2. Stronger damage resistance: Non-magnetic water meters of common machinery can be worn for 2-3 years with hard alloy shaft and redstone bearings. There are no moving parts inside the measuring part of the ultrasonic water meter, so there are no moving parts inside, and there is no measurement inaccuracy caused by wear.

3. Comparison of measurement accuracy: As time goes by, the internal parts of the ordinary water meter will age, and the accuracy will be worse as the time goes by.

The ultrasonic water meter can ensure accurate measurement accuracy throughout the operating cycle, and does not change with time.

4. Comparison of applicable water quality conditions:

Ordinary water meters can adapt to impurities such as iron filings and rust, but not softer impurities such as hemp.

Ultrasonic water meters are completely free of interference from impurities, chemical substances and magnetic substances, and can be said to be fully adapted to the water quality in most areas.

5. Ultrasonic heat meter has a lower starting flow rate and a higher range ratio, which can solve the problem of small water flow non-metering in traditional water meters.

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