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The part that most affects accuracy- the Mechanism, which is divided into counting part and measuring part.

The Counting Part

The counting part

Register: POM (polyformaldehyde) material, porcelain white
colorwhich ensures the pure material production, without adding any waste, and with strong wear resistance.




Central Gear: Vertical design to ensure its coaxality.

central gear

The Measuring Part

Turbine Component: It is made of stainless steel, inset bushings and corundum for improved wear resistance.

The Measuring Part


Measuring Chamber: The mould is made of high quality material, which ensures small error and high pass rate. In addition to accidents, every 1 million sets of molds produced will be replaced to ensure high precision.

Measuring Chamber


Bottom Strainer: The bottom filter is designed to minimize the impact of the filter on accuracy.

The bearer- Body part

The bearer- Body part


Brass Tail piece: The copper content of raw materials is 59%, the lowest value is 57%, and the copper content is 55%-56%, which is prone to fracture.

Brass Tail piece

Body:The average wall thickness is 2.5-2.7mm

Coupling Nut: Guarantee its length and weight, the weight will not be lower than 140g, otherwise it will be easy to break.

Weight show

Weight show


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