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Features and advantages of automatic water meter test bench

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Features and advantages of automatic water meter test bench 


Many countries around the world are facing the current situation of water scarcity. With the intensification of the greenhouse effect and the improvement of urbanization, as well as the pollution of the water system caused by industrialization, the contradiction between residents' lives and agricultural water use has become increasingly prominent. With the advancement of the city's "one household, one meter" tap water renovation project, the demand for water meters has also shown a substantial increase. At the same time, disputes between users and water supply companies often occur, partly because some water meters cannot provide accurate measurement results due to measurement errors. Ensuring the measurement accuracy of the user's water meter has become a key link in solving these problems. 
SHMETERS ' brand automatic water meter test bench has the following characteristics: 
1. Compared with the traditional manual verification device, the operation is simple, the computer calculates the error in the whole process, and avoids human factors; 
2. Improve the efficiency of meter inspection, it only takes 8-10 minutes to detect a batch of water meters by the fully automated water meter detection device; 
3. Energy-saving, water-saving, power-saving, labor-saving; full automation, sharing network, saving auxiliary materials; 
4. Strong data management function: the software can automatically complete the entire inspection process and draw the verification conclusion, save all water meter verification data, have complete functions such as verification record query, correction, statistics, and printing, and it can also realize multiple inspection device groups. Internet, to realize the management and query of water meter data, the so-called Internet + mode; 
5. Novel structure: 304 stainless steel material, high-end appearance, enhance corporate image; 
6. Convenient operation: the front end is equipped with a high-speed camera as collection device; 
7. It can automatically monitor and record the pressure and temperature of the pipeline (also can be manually input); 
8. Each valve is independently controlled and can be opened and closed separately; 
9. Three flow point detections can be realized, namely Q3, Q2, and Q1. 
Meet the requirements for quick calibration of DN15—DN50 caliber mechanical water meters and ultrasonic water meters etc. 
If you want to know more about the technical parameters of the automatic water meter test bench and manual water meter test bench, please feel free to contact us :) 


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