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Features of NB-IOT water meter

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With the development of Internet of Things technology, smart water meters are in a period of rapid development.It have become an important part of smart cities.The NB-IOT water meter is a smart wireless remote water meter.It based on narrowband Internet of Things.

The NB-IOT water meter combines the valve control function to realize the remote prepayment function.Nowadays, NB-IOT water meter can be used in rural water supply transformation and urban water supply.It solves the problems of difficulty in meter reading, high labor cost, and inability to monitor in real time.


The main features of NB-IOT water meter are low equipment cost, very low power consumption and wide coverage.It has a very low power consumption and can work continuously for more than six years.

In detail, the benefits of the NB-IOT water meter for the water company are as follows:

1.Reduce meter reading costs and improve meter reading accuracy

 It can greatly improve the accuracy and success rate of meter reading.It not only reduces the cost of human resources for the water department, but also satisfies the user experience.

2.Real-time information return, reasonable step pricing

 It can collect data in real time and return it to the service platform. The platform will make corresponding predictions based on data collection and analysis, and then make reasonable water resources allocation. In addition, it also contributes to the precise implementation of tiered pricing.

3.Scientific meter management and timely notification of abnormal usage

It can also analyze the collected data to obtain the water consumption habits of different groups.Notifying users in time when abnormal water usage is found , which can promote the conservation of water.


It can install an efficiency and long-lasting sensor system in low maintenance effort.It is also suitable for basements.Besides,the NB-IOT water meter can help water companies save more costs. avoiding the potential risk of misreading.It is an ideal metering product to improve the modern management level for the water company. 


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