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Four major reasons for "running without a water meter"

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From time to time, users report the phenomenon that "the water meter does not use the water meter". After years of work and practice, the professional maintenance personnel of tap water have summed up the four major reasons for the rotation of the water meter. If the user finds this phenomenon in the water meter at home, they can basically eliminate it .

One of the reasons: the leakage of indoor water heaters.

There are many varieties of household water appliances. Generally, if there is leakage, the user can find and repair it in time. However, leaks in the toilet tank of household water appliances are not easy to detect. It is easy to cause the water meter to rotate, and the solution is to replace the damaged parts.

The second reason: the old-fashioned faucet head pad is damaged.

When the old faucet head pad is damaged and the leakage is very inconspicuous, the pointer of the water meter does not move. When other users on the same pipeline run out of water and turn off the faucet, the increase in water pressure causes tap water to flow out from the damaged area of the old-fashioned faucet head pad, causing the water meter to rotate. The solution is to replace the damaged part.

The third reason: the indoor water supply pipeline is leaking.

Generally, when the indoor water supply pipeline leaks, it is easy for users to find it. Just ask the relevant department for repairs. Some users on the first floor buried the indoor water supply pipeline in the ground during decoration. When this water supply line leaks, water leaks directly into the ground. The user cannot find it in time, but the pointer of the water meter rotates evenly and smoothly.

The fourth reason: there is gas in the water supply pipeline to form water hammer.

Gas in the water supply line is another reason for the rotation of the water meter. When there is air in the water pipe, because water is physically incompressible, air is compressible. When the user closes the faucet, the inertia pressure in the water pipe increases instantaneously, the air in the water pipe is compressed, and then rebounds again, causing the water in the water pipe to surge back and forth. There are many reasons for the intake of pipes, which may be due to the new houses with water supply, the unreasonable design of indoor pipes, and the unauthorized modification of pipes by users, which all cause air in the water supply pipes.

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