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How to do the daily maintenance of the water meter

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How to do the daily maintenance of the water meter?

 Water meters are indispensable in home life. Pay attention to daily maintenance so as not to affect home life. So how to do the daily maintenance of the water meter?

1. In winter, the outdoor water pipes are easily affected by the cold air, which may lead to swelling and cracking. Therefore, for water pipes, it is necessary to take measures to keep warm, such as using unused blankets, cloth strips, and old clothes to wrap the pipes, which can effectively prevent the water pipes from breaking.

2. When the weather is relatively cold and below zero, necessary protective measures must be taken for the pipeline. For example, at night, turn on the faucet of the indoor bathroom and put a large bucket under the faucet, which can not only prevent wasting water, but also keep the water flowing in the water pipe to avoid freezing.

3. If no one lives for a long time, the owner needs to turn off the indoor water meter before leaving. And drain the remaining water in the pipe. In this way, after returning home, the water used is safer and cleaner, and it can also prevent the pipeline from freezing and cracking.

4. If the water meter or water pipe freezes and cracks due to improper maintenance, it is necessary to contact a professional to deal with it in time. Moreover, when using the water meter daily, it is necessary to check in time whether the water meter will operate normally and whether the sensitive limit pointer will rotate to ensure normal counting.

  The relevant content on how to do daily maintenance of water meters is introduced here. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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