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How to use water resources effectively

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The depletion and pollution of water resources have been a problem for many years, and we have not yet found the correct answer to this global challenge.

Water saving is important because water scarcity is considered a global systemic risk. According to research, at least two thirds of the world’s population live in severe water shortages at least every year.

In some cases, surface water bodies that are as important as the Aral Sea in Central Asia and Lake Urmia in Iran have disappeared due to upstream water use. In addition, groundwater reserves on all continents are being depleted at an alarming rate. In some cases, the withdrawal rate is 10 to 50 times the natural replenishment rate.

Another problem related to water scarcity is widespread pollution. Fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture ended up in rivers, violating water quality regulations; in many cases, the authorities did not take appropriate measures.

Therefore, in this case, water conservation becomes more and more important, which is inseparable from reasonable and efficient water metering. The water meter is an indispensable and very important tool in water measurement. Our water meters are mainly divided into two categories: mechanical meters and smart meters, such as Woltman water meters, multi-jet water meters, ultrasonic water meters, prepaid water meters, etc., which are widely used in households, buildings, irrigation, industry and other fields, which can achieve effective water saving. For more information, please kindly visit the website of us, www.shmeters.com


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