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In the field of water meters, how will the "5G NB-IoT" chip develop?

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According to statistics, by the end of 2021, the number of global NB-IoT connections has reached 300 million, mainly from fast-growing hot applications such as smart meters. In the fourth quarter of 2021, smart meters accounted for the highest proportion of cellular IoT application scenarios, most of which are based on 5G NB-IoT. As 2G began to withdraw from the network, and business scenarios continued to be implemented, NB-IoT chips continued to be introduced.

Development of NB-IoT in Metering Field

The Internet of Things communication technology has been tried and applied in the metering industry for a long time. In Lora/LoraWan, the application in the meter mainly reduces the power consumption of the terminal side and enhances the networking capability of the local area network. The link mode has not changed; later The emergence of NB-IoT is an important node in the development of IoT communication technology in the metering industry. It can not only solve the power consumption problem on the terminal side of the meter, but also directly send business data to the application platform, eliminating the need for intermediate links. .

In China, NB-IoT has developed rapidly, and in just one year, it has become the focus of pursuit and hot discussion in the metering industry.

The technological breakthroughs of domestic NB-IoT chip manufacturers in recent years have brought a wave of impetus to the smart meter market. Many technology companies are working on chip development for smart meters.

With the follow-up of digitalization, the industry will experience a process of "intelligence of traditional industries and digitalization of the physical world". In this process, the technical application of the Internet of Things puts forward high requirements for terminal intelligence. Whether it is an operator or a water meter company, the road to growth is by no means smooth, and I believe that under our continuous innovation. The water metering industry can continue to move forward.


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