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Installation of ultrasonic water meter

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Ultrasonic water meter switch screen display mode:
The water meter adopts light sensitive response, you can choose to cover the sensing area with your hand to switch the screen display content.  
  Installation positions of all parts of the flow meter should avoid being approached by sun light, flooding, freezing, chemicals and electromagnetic pollutions, and should facilitates dismounting and metering;

Installation of ultrasonic water meter:
1) Before installation should thoroughly clean the system piping,and clear the sand and other debris, avoid water meter failure;
2) Body level or vertical installation, Building water meter installation should be less than 0.8m from the ground;
3) Water flow direction should be consistent with the direction of the arrow marked on the meter body;  
4) Before and after the pipe diameter to be consistent with the body diameter;
5) When installing the water meter, should be reserved length of DN*10 in front of the water meter. Or should be reserved the length of DN*8 behind the water meter. (DN is the diameter of the water meter); . If the conditions are not met, U10 / D5 can also meet the usage standards.



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