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Installation problem of Roller intelligent remote water meter

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Lora intelligent remote water meter uses wireless transmission technology to realize remote meter reading between remote water meters and concentrators and computers.It is without wiring, simple and convenient construction, and effectively solve the problem of difficult meter reading. Lora smart water meter has the characteristics of high precision, low power consumption and high reliability. It has a long communication distance and long signal transmission distance. A water meter can act as a repeater to provide communication distance, reduce power consumption and extend the service life of the water meter. .
Installation matters:
1. The size of the water meter should be selected based on the fact that the flow rate used by the pipeline is less than or close to the common flow rate of the water meter, and the water meter cannot be determined solely by the diameter of the pipeline.
2. The location where the water meter is installed should avoid strong light.
3. The water meter should be installed horizontally with the literal side facing up.
4. Before installing the water meter, you should wash away the stones, sand and other debris in the pipeline.
5. The water meter should be kept away from high temperature, high humidity and high magnetic environment.



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