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Is your water consumption being metered?

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Is your water consumption being metered? Do you measure water consumption by traditional mechanical water meters? As a drinking water management committee, do you need to spend a long time each month reading the meter at each user's home?

In the villages of many countries, there is no mobile phone signal. People can only use a mobile phone to connect to a router through a network cable and use WiFi to access the Internet. This undoubtedly limits their understanding and use of smart products. Recently, I have been following up several drinking water metering and charging projects, and my customers say "muy interesante" to the products we can provide.

For example, we have a pre-paid water meter. This water meter is a product designed to solve the problem of users not paying water fees on time. It is also the simplest product in smart water meters. Its working principle is that users need to pay water fees first. With water, once the balance is 0, the built-in valve in the water meter will automatically close and stop service. At present this technology is very mature in the market, all prepaid water meters are similar.

However, the biggest advantage of our and other people's prepaid water meters is that our management software is developed by ourselves and can be used free of charge by customers, and it can be customized in a certain number of languages. Currently we have Chinese and English versions of the software, but If the customer needs and reaches a certain amount, we can customize Spanish, Turkish, French and other languages.

If the prepaid water meter is just right for promotion in your market, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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