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It's time to say goodbye to house-to-house water charges

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On the walls of the building's corridors, in the motor rooms of factories and shopping malls, the water and electricity meters used to calculate water consumption are so inconspicuous but so important. In order to avoid water and power outages due to arrears, household merchants often pay attention to electricity consumption and account balance; in order to urge payment of electricity bills, property landlords have to remind house to house to pay.

For a long time, traditional hydropower management has many pain points in the operation of the park, and the meter reading and statistical work of the management department is very tedious and difficult.

For example, the distribution of water and electricity meters is particularly scattered, not concentrated, and the installation environment varies. The traditional manual reading method consumes a lot of manpower and time when reading the meter from house to house, and it is difficult to complete the meter reading at home. Sometimes it can only be estimated that this method is inefficient and easy to produce errors.

Hydrometers serve as an important basis for trade settlement between enterprises and customers. In the event of failure or manual transcription of data errors, trade settlement disputes will inevitably lead to damage to the interests of one party. From the above problems, it can be seen that traditional property hydropower management can no longer meet people's service needs, and it is imperative to optimize working methods. It is necessary to apply advanced remote hydropower meter reading management system for property hydropower management, which can not only make complex hydropower management easier, but also provide more thoughtful property services for park tenants.

In order to solve the above problems, an intelligent meter reading management system came into being, which can realize the function of automatic meter reading very quickly.

Compared with traditional hydrometers, smart hydrometer systems do not require manual meter reading. The meter reading cycle is shortened from one month to one week or even every day, reducing manpower and improving efficiency. Not only can remote data transmission, accurate monitoring data, and longer life It is also easier to maintain. .

A set of systems solves the water and electricity bills automatically, and the meter readers do not need to go to the door, they can easily complete it in the computer room. The accuracy of the electronic meter reading data greatly reduces the disputes caused by the inconsistency between the meter reading data and the uploaded data, which can greatly reduce the labor cost. With the help of the Internet, the Internet of Things, mobile payments and big data analysis to empower property management, the hydrometer is not only a tool for measuring water and electricity, but also a sensor for "smart park" management.

sh-meters 'intelligent water meters and pre-paid water meters simply solve the problem of difficult meter reading, and have a unique management system to facilitate managers' copying.



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