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Lora Wireless AMR Water Meter

  • Q What if the water meter is broken?

    A We will advise customers to purchase a certain number of spare water meters when purchasing in bulk. When problems occur, they can be replaced first, and then the problem water meter will be sent back to the manufacturer for confirmation and repair.
  • Q If the valve cannot be closed or opened, how can I find it and handle it?

    A If the valve is stuck by the sand flowing in the pipe, the program in the water meter will try within 40S of the switch valve action. Once the valve cannot be normally opened and closed, the water meter will give up this command and return the failure data to the platform. The information about this water meter can be viewed on the platform for the management to view;
  • Q Can I do a Lora ultrasonic valve control water meter?

    A No, because the built-in valve will have a greater impact on the stability of the ultrasonic measurement. The higher the frequency of the switch valve, the greater the impact on the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Q How does the concentrator transfer data?

    A The concentrator needs 220V power supply, and uses GPRS to wirelessly transmit data to the platform on the PC side;
  • Q How many watches can a concentrator carry?

    A At present, the maximum single concentrator carries 500. Considering the actual installation density of the community, it is generally far lower than this number.
  • Q What are the requirements for the LORA band?

    A At present, our LoRa water meter can be used in the frequency bands of 470-510MHz and 865-868MHz, which is determined by the design procedure of the module. If you need other frequencies, you can customize it, but you need to batch, and the number of custom developments is more than 2000.
  • Q Can you soak in water?

    A This product can soak water, but the water will affect the stability of signal transmission, because the signal will be greatly affected in the water transmission.
  • Q Protection level?

    A At present, LoRa wireless water meter adopts full potting and sealing technology, which uses the silicone gel package circuit board part, and the battery plugging port is also sealed to achieve IP68 protection level.
  • Q What is the transmission distance?

    A The distance of LoRa transmission data is mainly affected by the actual installation environment. In a relatively empty transmission environment, the transmission distance can reach 1000-1500 meters. Therefore, the concentrator is generally installed at the commanding height of the cell.
  • Q What is the battery life?

    A Using ER18500 battery, the capacity is up to 4500mAh, the frequency of meter reading once a day, battery life can be up to 6 years.