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Mechanical water Meters, smart water meters, remote water meters and ultrasonic water meters?

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Mechanical water Meters, smart water meters, remote water meters and ultrasonic water meters?

First, traditional mechanical water meter


The water impinges on the blades around the wheel, creating a torque that spins the impeller.

The bigger the tap, the faster the flow, the faster the impeller turns.

The shaft of the impeller reaches the middle layer vertically, and there is a pinion above the shaft, which is engaged with the "decimal number gear" to achieve the purpose of cumulative revolution.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: simple and cheap, no power supply

Disadvantages: difficult meter reading, manual error

Second, IC card prepaid smart water meter


Insert the IC card containing the amount into the IC card reader in the water meter. After the microcomputer module identifies and downloads the amount, the valve is opened and the user can use water normally.

When the user uses water, the water acquisition device starts to collect the water consumption, and converts the required electronic signal to the microcomputer module for measurement, and displays it on the LCD display module.

When the amount of water used by the user drops to a certain value, the microcomputer module makes an alarm and prompts the user to buy water with a card. If the amount of water is exceeded, the microcomputer module will automatically close the electronic valve and cut off the water supply.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: "pay first, use water later" mode, easy to use, reduce manual error.

Disadvantages: the price is relatively expensive, single caliber.

Three, remote water meter

This water meter is divided into pulse type and direct reading type. Special attention should be paid when purchasing. The direct reading type can be directly connected to the energy consumption management system, while the pulse type cannot read data directly.

1. Pulse type:


A sensor is installed on the counter of the meter, and every turn of the word wheel sends out a pulse signal. The system collects, accumulates, stores and reads the meter by meter reading machine or upper computer.

Main types: photoelectric conversion pulse type, dry reed tube pulse type, Hall element pulse type.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: centralized meter reading management, greatly reducing the labor intensity of meter reading personnel, with reliability and anti-interference.

Disadvantages: water meters need to have a relatively centralized installation environment, high cost.

Power supply: battery or external dc power supply, the concentrator must be connected to 220V/50HZ ac.

2. Direct reading


Several induction devices are installed on one side of each word wheel of the water meter counter, and sensors corresponding to the induction device are installed on the other side. The position of the word wheel is determined by the corresponding state of the sensor and the induction device, so as to obtain the data to be read, and then the remote meter reading machine or upper computer is carried out.

Main types: transmission photoelectric conversion direct reading type, contact coding direct reading type, reflection photoelectric conversion direct reading type, resistance contact direct reading type, digital camera direct reading type.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages (pulse type) :

The data read on the table is the display data on the dial, not the pulse accumulation data;

Data is recorded in mechanical mode on the word wheel, usually does not need power supply, only in the moment of reading data on power;

External DC power supply, concentrator should be connected to 220V/50HZ AC.

Four, ultrasonic water meter


Ultrasonic water meter is through the ultrasonic beam along the ultrasonic wave in the opposite direction of the speed change, and analysis and treatment of water flow to further calculate the flow of water.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: high precision, no wear, strong protection, tamper-proof;

Disadvantages: Expensive.

Five, the summary

Ordinary mechanical water meter has a wide range of application, but it needs manual meter reading and management inconvenience

IC card prepaid smart water meter has a single caliber and outstanding problems. It is suitable for residential projects, but not for office and commercial profitable projects

There are theoretical and technical loopholes in pulse water meter, and the data reflected by docking with energy management system is not comprehensive

Direct reading remote water meter is reliable and convenient for property management, but its cost is not suitable for residential projects with high cost control

Ultrasonic water meter has high measuring accuracy, and is often used in water supply, air conditioning system, agricultural irrigation and other fields requiring high measuring accuracy.


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