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New electronic water meter - ultrasonic water meter

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In order to solve the problems of wireless remote meter reading and agricultural irrigation metering of the majority of water supply management enterprises, such as easy wear and tear, our company independently developed and launched a new type of electronic water meter-ultrasonic water meter. 
Micro-power design, large-capacity battery power supply (battery life ≥ 10 years); 
Wide range ratio, low starting flow, high accuracy level, good stability, can be used for water leakage detection; 
After optional wireless NB-IOT remote transmission, the daily water consumption can be checked on the platform at any time; 
When the pipeline is full, it can be installed at any angle, and the measurement accuracy will not be affected; 
Data freezing function, the freezing frequency can be set in advance and packaged and uploaded; 
IP68 design of the whole machine; 
Forward and reverse measurement, suitable for measurement environment such as ring pipe network 
The ultrasonic water meter adopts the pure electronic ultrasonic measurement principle, with high measurement accuracy and wide range ratio. The actual water consumption can be accurately measured even in the case of a low flow rate of the pipe network. There are no mechanical moving parts such as impellers in the pipe section of the water meter, so there is no pressure loss and no wear. The electronic part adopts nodular cast iron shell, and the protection level reaches IP68. The ultrasonic water meter is powered by a lithium battery, and the battery life is more than 10 years, which effectively guarantees the service life of the product. 



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