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Philippine China Agricultural Cooperation Reaches a New Level

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At the end of 2022, the Chike River Irrigation Project funded by the Chinese government and contracted by CAMCE International Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CAMCE International") will be officially completed. The project will provide a long-term stable irrigation water source for about 8700 hectares of land in the main production area of the "northern granary", benefiting more than 5000 local farmers. Eduardo Gulen, Executive Director of the National Irrigation Administration of the Philippines, said: "The Philippines China cooperation in agricultural irrigation will benefit more Filipinos."

Raise the river water by 29 meters to irrigate 8700 hectares of farmland

Chico River is the main source of production and domestic water in the northern Philippines. In the local Kalinga language, "Chico" means "life". However, due to the low terrain of the Chico River and the high terrain of most of the surrounding farmland, the irrigation water for the "northern granary" becomes a problem in the dry season. In order to change this situation, in June 2018, the Chico River Irrigation Project undertaken by Chinese enterprises officially started here. As one of the flagship projects of the "more and better construction" plan in the Philippines, and also a key infrastructure project and livelihood project promoted by the Chinese and Philippine governments, the progress of the project has always been concerned by all sectors of the Philippines.

Farmers' income has increased, and the state has also saved money on rice imports

"With the Chico River Irrigation Project, irrigation water will no longer be a problem, and the local rice planting can also be increased from two to five seasons a year, increasing farmers' income." Adiro predicted that the annual rice yield per hectare will increase from about 2 tons to about 5 tons, and with more wasteland being reclaimed, the average income of each farmer is expected to increase by 75000 pesos per year. According to the data of the Philippine Ministry of Agriculture, after the project is put into operation, the Philippines will save about US $10 million in rice imports every year.

Benefiting both sides, China Philippines livelihood project cooperation is booming

Antonio Basilio, Chairman of the Philippine National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, told our reporter that both the Philippines and China are developing countries and major agricultural countries, and agricultural cooperation is an important part of the Philippines China cooperation. "The Chico River Irrigation Project is a real livelihood project, which will polish the signboard of the local" northern granary "and improve the local economic and social development. With the increasingly close relationship between the two countries, the Philippines China agricultural cooperation has reached a new level," said Basilio.


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