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Prepaid water meter

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1. The concept of prepaid water meters and their types

A prepaid water meter, as its name implies, is a water meter that pays water before paying. This type of meter has solved the problem of difficult toll collection through the function of using a water meter by paying fees. It is used in communities and schools in China.

There are many types according to the applicable situation: IC card type prepaid water meters, STS code type prepaid water meters, etc.

2. Adaptability of prepaid water meters

The IC card type prepaid water meter is a chargeable water meter composed of a water meter, an IC card, a card reader and management software.

In China, many residential communities use this water meter to solve the problem of collecting water charges. The use of this water meter avoids many inconveniences caused to customers by manual meter-to-door charges, and historical water purchase data can be saved for easy customer inquiry. It is very suitable for installation in apartments, residential buildings and rented places where water charges are required.

3. Installation requirements:

The installation location is selected in a common area that is easy for customers to operate;

At the installation site, pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof to prevent the malfunction of electronic components;

Pay attention to sun protection at the installation location;

The installation location is generally selected in an environment where the end user, such as a leased house, collective dormitory, office building, etc. is not the owner of the house, which is convenient for payment.

Smart water meters are indeed more convenient to use, but at the same time their installation conditions will be very strict. This situation is difficult to see for mechanical water meters.


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