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Prepaid water meter

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The IC card type prepaid water meter is a water meter with a charge type consisting of a water meter, an IC card, a card reader and management software.

It solves the problem of difficulty in charging by charging the water card and using the water charging mode. By recharging the water fee in the IC card, the user inserts the water card into the card slot on the water meter to read the data, thereby realizing the function of opening the valve water.

The contactable IC card prepaid water meter automatically closes the valve when the account balance is 0, and stops the water supply. Of course, this water meter will set a warning value. For example, when the account balance is 10 yuan, the valve will be temporarily closed to remind the user that the balance is insufficient. The user can insert water card into the card slot to continue using water. When the water meter temporarily closes the valve, the user should pay the water fee at the payment site to avoid inconvenience to water.

In China, many residential areas use this type of water meter to solve the problem of water fee collection. The use of such a water meter avoids the inconvenience caused by the manual meter reading to the customer, and the historical water purchase data can be saved for the convenience of the customer. Ideal for installations in apartments, residential buildings and rental housing where water charges apply.

The software for the IC card prepaid water meter is a stand-alone version. It cannot be connected to the Internet. It only needs to be installed on a laptop. And where the IC card is opened, it must be recharged. Therefore, the establishment of the toll booth cannot be too far away from the user of the water meter to avoid inconvenience.

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