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Product Description

  • Features and applications of ultrasonic water meters

    The main features of ultrasonic water meters are low starting flow rate, wide range ratio, high measurement and display accuracy, and stable operation. There are no moving parts inside, no blocking parts, not affected by impurities in the water, and has a long service life. The output communication

  • What is a smart water meter? What's the function?

    What is a smart water meterThe smart water meter is the core of the smart water system and the cornerstone of the realization of smart water. The smart water meter is a new type of functional water meter that transmits and settles the data of water consumption through electrical technology and syste

  • What are the principles and advantages of smart water meters?

    At present, smart water meters can be divided into two categories: prepaid water meters and remote water meters. The common feature is that the sensor for measuring the water flow still uses an ordinary water meter. The mechanical reading of the original water meter is converted into electrical sign

  • New product----R160 multi jet water meter

    Dear friends, This article would like to introduce you to our R160 multi-jet water meter, which we know is hot in many countries.High precision and more competitive price to meet the needs of users and water departments. illustrate: Body Material: Brass/Plastic Body;Size: DN15;PN: Plastic body, 10 b

  • Do you know about water meter test benches?

    Our fully automated and semi-automated testing benches test the maximum pressure and temperature of bulk water meters (DN 25 to DN 200 and DN 15-50).The testing process is facilitated by software that communicates with a special processor unit by serial RS 232 or a LAN connection. The processor (loc

  • The use and characteristics of electromagnetic flowmeter

    SHMETERS water meter is committed to providing one-stop water supply services. This article mainly introduces the usage scenarios and characteristics of electromagnetic flowmeters.Pipeline electromagnetic flowmeter can output 4-20mA current signal, RS485, pulse output, etc.It is used for recording,

  • What kind of smart water meter is the wireless remote LORA water meter?

    At present, in many places, the water meter is installed in the user's room or in the tube well. The monthly charge for the meter reading of the water meter brings a lot of trouble to the user, troubles the meter reading personnel, and causes a lot of unnecessary trouble. Therefore, the call for out

  • What are the characteristics of ultrasonic water meters?

    At present, the main way of water intake in the water conservancy industry is pipeline transportation. Most of the water sources requiring pipeline transportation on site are mainly groundwater, rivers, rivers and lakes, which are generally used for production water, industrial water and irrigation.


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