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SHMETERS woltman water meter

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1. Large Diameter Water Meter Body Appearance processing

  The color of the flange cover and water meter body will be the same.

  The place where the paint is less lacquered during the production process will be repainted.

2.The Counter

   The counter (spare area) has a built-in desiccant to prevent moisture generation (impact accuracy).

The dial adopts the pad printing machine steel plate printing process, using German imported ink, the printing is clear, no ink, not easy to fall off.

Gears remove burrs one by one to ensure smooth rotation of the gear set and ensure high accuracy.

3. Center gear

   The center gear is equipped with four samarium cobalt magnets, which are not easy to weathering and are not easy to demagnetize. Longer service life.The inferior-quality product adopts ferrite magnetic steel, only two magnetic steels, which are easy to weather degaussing. When the flow rate exceeds 10%, it will lose the step and slip, which affects the accuracy of the measurement data. Samarium-cobalt magnets can be accurately counted by 20%.

Transmission gear component: The magnetic powder is filled in at high temperature, must be guaranteed to be 2000 Gauss. 

4. Upper Bearing Plate

         The copper material plate has good magnetic transmission effect and is not easy to crack. The inferior-quality product uses a plastic plate. The price difference is more than 10 times.

5.Metering part (transmission part)

Impeller built-in corundum bushing, good wear resistance and long service life.

 The transmission gear has four Samarium cobalt magnet steel.


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