SHmeters - Bulk Ultrasonic Water Meter Manufacturer Supplier
As a leading manufacturer and distributor in China with more than 7 years of experience, we have developed a comprehensive series of water meters for the commercial agricultural, industrial and household markets. Since the establishment of the company, we have developed a comprehensive range of water meters and complete solutions for the commercial, agricultural, industrial and household markets for mechanical water meters and smart water meters.
Our SHmeters use one-stop purchase water metering service. SHmeters water meter products include: multi-jet water meters, single-jet water meters, Woltman water meters, GPRS wireless AMR water meters, prepaid water meters, ultrasonic water meters and other water meter products.

Bulk Ultrasonic Water Meter

Sizes: DN50-DN300
Range ratio: R200
Protection level: IP68
Maximum pressure: 1.6MPa
Maximum temperature: T50
Substrate: Ductile iron
Connection method: flange
Communication interface: M-BUS / RS485
Communication protocol: CJ188 / modbus
Channel: on-beam dual channel
Measurement method: One-way measurement
Battery life: 8 years