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Shmeters water meter in Kenya and South Africa

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kris in kenya

In September, shmeters ’colleagues Tracy and Kris traveled to South Africa and Kenya to visit local customers. The customers showed great enthusiasm for our arrival. One of the customers had a good understanding of the working environment of the water supply system and water meter, and Interested in the water meter products of shmeters, but they encountered some technical problems. We offer a variety of solutions for our customers based on their actual situation. The product is designed to woltman water meter, brass water meter, prepaid water meter, etc.

In the process, a customer questioned our quality and after-sales service: 1. Is the delivery time on time? 2, how to ensure quality? For these two aspects, the two colleagues promise: 1, we have a professional quality inspection system to ensure that the defective products are not shipped. 2, we have a large line of goods and samples production, to ensure on-time delivery.

With 15 years of export history, shmeters has always focused on product quality and after-sales service. Interested friends are welcome to contact us for more information.


We offer not only products, but also our after-sales service.
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