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The Brief Feature of Ultrasonic Smart water meter (2)

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Feature No.3
The Industrial ultrasonic water meter could achieve both positive and negative directions measurement;
It is more convenience to be used in some complicated pipe network.

Feature No.4
The signal output of Ultrasonic water meters have more choices could be choose
It support both wired and wireless signal output. For wired signal output it support Pulse Output, RS485 & M-BUS, For wireless it supports the GPRS and LoRa communication.
It has more choices and could output more data than mechanical type. For main pipeline could be assembled with the GPRS module, it could report the water meter consumption to the platform by network every day, no need the worker go to site read the water meter.
If there is big different water consumption at one period of time than usual, management could find out is there any leakage on pipe and reduce the NRW.

Feature No.5
The bulk ultrasonic water meter could be assembled with the pressure detect device on water meter body, could help management follow the pipe pressure easily, do some action on time when there is any problem happen with the pipe line.

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