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The difference between Lora and nb-iot water meters.

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The difference between Lora and nb-iot water meters.

NB - IOT meter transmission principle is water meter was installed inside the NB - IOT narrowband Internet module, water meter through the NB - IOT collect data by operator base station transmission to the administrator of water supply in the cloud platform to realize the data remote meter reading, monitoring, valve control, intelligent control, air capture to expend, ladder water price, water quality analysis, such as fine management, implement the data refinement analysis, Compared with the traditional water meter, it greatly improves the management efficiency of water supply enterprises, and has the core characteristics of low power consumption, wide coverage and strong anti-interference. However, LoRa water meter network transmission has limitations, and a concentrator is added to the meter reading process.


LoRa water meter uses LoRa technology, which was born earlier than NB-IOT. Wireless AD hoc network technology realizes remote collection and reading of remote transmission water meter, concentrator and computer. Compared with the meter reading scheme of NBIOT water meter, there is one more concentrator. It is widely used in greenhouses, chemical plants, military tables, hospitals, fruits and vegetables storage warehouses and other places.

This is the main difference between NB-IOT water meters and LoRa water meters. It can be seen that NB-IOT water meters have superior advantages and are suitable for residential communities, rural Wells, apartments, office buildings, hotels and other places, while LoRa water meters are suitable for water supply places such as factories. If you have a project demand water meter, you can ask us, we will provide the most professional team, for you to select the right water meter scheme.


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