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The difference between nB-iot water meter, LORA water meter and GPRS water meter respectively

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The difference between nB-iot water meter, LORA water meter and GPRS water meter respectively

With the progress of The Times, the daily use of water meter is more and more intelligent, science and technology to make meter reading and charging wisdom; Today, the main outstanding is nB-iot water meter, LORA water meter and GPRS water meter these three kinds of water meters, but most people do not know how to choose these three types of water meters how to distinguish?

1. What is the NB-iot water meter? LORA meter? GPRS meter?

Nb-iot is an emerging technology in the field of IoT that supports cellular data connections for low-power devices over wide area networks. The NB-iot uses licensed frequency bands and can be directly deployed on GSM, UMTS or LTE networks for better service based on the operators' most extensive global coverage. LoRa was born earlier than NB-iot. LoRa works on unlicensed bands, so there is no additional cost. LoRa is simpler, easier to develop, and less costly than NB-iot. The LoRa node can sleep for a long time or a short time according to the requirements of specific application scenarios, providing longer battery life. GPRS is short for General packet Wireless Service technology. In packet-switching mode, users only occupy resources during the sending or receiving of data, which means that multiple users can efficiently share the same wireless channel, thus improving the utilization of resources and paying lower costs for longer connection time. GPRS can provide up to 115kbps transmission rate, high transmission rate.

2, the characteristics of the three tables

New Ultrasonic NB Valve Controlled Water Meter: It is a new intelligent all-electronic valve controlled water meter using ultrasonic detection technology. The instrument integrates measurement, integration, display, valve remote control, using micro-power consumption technology, a battery can be used for more than 8 years, can achieve the minimum flow of 0.001 m3/h accurate measurement, while the instrument has the characteristics of small size, good stability, strong anti-interference ability.

Using ultrasonic flow measurement technology, multi-angle installation can be achieved, instrument measurement is not affected, while minimizing pipeline pressure loss. The valve can be remotely controlled to realize the remote control of water use by users. The intelligent valve-controlled water meter can be equipped with the NB-iot module produced by our company, using NB network for data transmission, forming a wireless monitoring system. When the pipe network is abnormal, the abnormal operation information of the pipe network can be actively reported.

Dynamic LORA Smart Water meter: Advanced wireless transmission technology is adopted to realize remote collection of water meters, concentrators and computers. No wiring is required. The construction is simple and convenient, and the problem of meter reading is effectively solved. Remote water meter with wireless network, signal without gap coverage, no blind spot meter reading. Valve anti-rust function design, automatically open and close the valve twice a month.

Automatic frequency calibration technology: automatic adjustment of operating parameters, effectively avoid frequency offset caused by environmental changes, to achieve ultra-high meter reading rate. Electromagnetic wave wake-up technology: wake up the target smart meter during meter reading to make it in communication state, automatically restore to ultra-low power consumption after meter reading, energy saving and consumption reduction. A variety of meter reading methods can be selected. According to different requirements, wireless centralized meter reading system and handheld meter reading system can be selected. Timing upload and real-time upload two modes of optional design, to meet different customers to achieve different effects. High waterproof grade design, protection grade up to IP68, with high performance, low power consumption and other characteristics;

Dynamic GPRS ultrasonic Water Meter: It is a combination of ultrasonic water meter and GPRS data acquisition module. It has the characteristics of compact structure and easy installation. The meter adopts high quality low voltage electric ceramic transducer to ensure high accuracy and stability. The table has no mechanical movement, no wear, is not affected by bad water quality, low maintenance cost. The table can be installed horizontally or vertically, and the humanized design meets the requirement of normal reading Angle, making reading more convenient. GPRS ultrasonic water meter can display the total flow (m3), the instantaneous flow (m3 / h), the total run time error, the cumulative time (h) (h) of four kinds of display function, and can display the current date, factory number, 24 months before the water quantity per month, and have insufficient battery indicator and automatic fault diagnosis function, to ensure safe and accurate operation. The water meter is also equipped with an infrared interface and can be read with a handheld automatic meter reading device.


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