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The intelligent trend of the water industry is accelerating

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-24      Origin: Site

As a measuring instrument closely related to our daily life, water meters play an important role in water metering, water supply control, trade settlement, etc.

From the traditional mechanical water meter at the beginning, to the IC card water meter, and then to the smart water meter, step by step reform and upgrading, transformation and upgrading

With people's high-quality requirements for smart city construction and water-saving society construction, smart water affairs have been vigorously developed by Dongfeng, and smart water meters have been accelerated in the market with their unique advantages in the field of leakage control.

At the same time, the intelligent remote water meter can also analyze the background data to determine whether there is water leakage in the user's home, remind the user to exceed the water consumption of the ladder, and find various water problems in time.

With the construction of smart cities, water intelligence has become an irreversible process of modern economic and social development. The urban water supply system is intelligent, and the information construction continues to develop. Smart water meters have begun to enter thousands of households, and the majority of residential users usher in a new era of smart water use.


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