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The role of ultrasonic water meter in pipe network leakage

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In life, due to various reasons, such as: temperature and pressure factors, pipeline interface factors, pipeline construction quality, pipe network aging, etc., the pipe of the water supply pipe network sometimes bursts. If the repairs are not carried out in time, it will bring great harm, which will not only cause the loss of the water supply enterprise, but also make the users unable to use water, and even bring some safety hazards. In such a large environment, countries have also introduced many water conservancy policies to more effectively monitor and manage the utilization of water resources. The wireless remote ultrasonic water meter is undoubtedly the most suitable product for pipe network monitoring.

Ultrasonic water meter is different from mechanical water meter, because its structure belongs to ultrasonic metering, there is no mechanical part in the table, so there is no blockage, and the ultrasonic water meter can judge the flow direction of the fluid, measure the positive and negative flow values .What’s more,it  can measure the flow rate, cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, record working hours and fault time and other parameters. At the same time, the ultrasonic water meter has the characteristics of wide measurement range,very small flow can be measured, high measurement accuracy and stable operation. Ultrasonic water meter combined with pressure sensor and data measurement and control terminal, and the remote collection and monitoring system of water supply pipe network, it can find the incident of the pipe burst and reduce the loss of the water supply enterprise.

Therefore, the wireless remote ultrasonic water meter allows the water supply management department to monitor the water meter data in real time and keep abreast of the water usage dynamics. When the flow rate in the water meter is abnormal, it will be early warning, and the water loss will be discovered in time to make a great contribution to saving water resources.



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