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Tips for antifreeze water meter-Tipe1

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Winter is coming, the temperature drops sharply, and the cold wave strikes. Anti-freezing of tap water facilities is particularly important. In order to avoid the many inconveniences caused by the freezing of indoor and outdoor water meters and pipes, SH-METERS would like to remind you to take measures to prevent wind and cold and warmth, and don’t forget to provide your own water pipes, water meters, faucets, etc. Use water facilities to prevent freezing and warmth! The following introduces several anti-freezing methods. The public can make preparations for anti-freezing of water supply facilities in advance, hoping to help you.

Tipe1. Dress and hat the water meter

1.1. The exposed water supply pipes, faucets and other water supply facilities must be wrapped with cotton and linen fabric, plastic foam and other thermal insulation materials.

1.2. The outdoor water meter well should be filled with sawdust, cotton wool or other insulation materials, covered with plastic cloth, and the water meter box cover should be covered, which can effectively prevent the water meter and gate valve from freezing.

1.3. If the water meter is installed in the corridor, please pay attention to close the corridor door.



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