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Ultrasonic water meter characteristics

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Brief introduction:

It is a kind of ultrasonic time difference method to continuously measure, record and display the volume of water flow through the sensor. Ultrasonic water meter mainly has two display interfaces:

Long press and hold in the awake state to enter the mode selection interface (P1, P2, P3, P4).

Ultrasonic valve-controlled water meter is a new type of intelligent electronic valve-controlled water meter using ultrasonic detection technology. The calculator achieves accurate flow measurement by processing the temperature difference collected by the sensor and the time difference between sound waves passing through the fluid. It combines measurement, integration, display, valve control and wireless communication. Using micropower technology, the battery life is more than 6 years. At the same time, the instrument has the characteristics of small size, good stability and strong anti-interference ability.

Product features:

▲ The medium is not affected by impurities, chemicals and magnetic materials; 

▲ No moving parts in the measuring mechanism, no wear, accuracy does not reduce with the service life;

▲ Horizontal or vertical installation; 

▲ Low pressure drop; 

▲ Protection grade IP68, can adapt to all kinds of bad installation environment;

▲ Support RS485 communication, pulse output, GPRS, NB-iot and other data transmission modes.



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