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Understanding of volumetric water meters

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According to the working principle, the water meter products generally used for cumulative metering of water flow are mainly divided into two types: speed type and volume type. The two have similar places and obvious differences. The following contents are volumetric water meters and The comparison of speed hot water meters hopes to help everyone deepen their understanding of water meters.


Principle of action:


The volumetric water meter adopts the direct measurement method by measuring the actual flow volume and calculating the accumulated water flow rate. The speed type water meter is an indirect measurement method by measuring the flow rate of the water flow and then calculating the volume of the discharged fluid.




The national standard for water meters states that a volumetric water meter is a water meter that is installed in a closed pipe, consisting of a volume of a known volume that is filled and discharged one by one, and a mechanism that is driven by a fluid-assisted fluid; In a closed pipe, a water meter consisting of a moving element and directly moving it by the water flow rate.


Scope of application:


The volumetric water meter is generally small-diameter, mainly used for pure water and other flow metering with high measurement accuracy and good water quality; and the speed water meter is suitable for various calibers, mainly used for general tap water metering, for water quality. The requirements are relatively low and the scope of application is large.


Measurement accuracy:


The volumetric water meter has high measurement accuracy and good sensitivity. The measurement accuracy is generally international C-class and D-class standard; the speed-type water meter has large circulation capacity, but the measurement accuracy does not reach the level of the volumetric water meter, generally B grade.


In general, it can be seen from the comparison between the volumetric water meter and the speed water meter that the volumetric water meter has higher measurement accuracy and better sensitivity, but has higher requirements on water quality, and the structure is more complicated and the cost is higher. Can not be widely promoted in China. The metering accuracy is still acceptable, the water quality requirements are not high, and the structure is simple and the cost is low. The speed type water meter will still be the mainstream product in China's water meter market.

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