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Volumetric water meter

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With over 50 million units in use across 100 countries the volumetric water meter offers high accuracy, and improved durability thanks to its revolutionary engineering methods giving it a ‘robust, leak-proof volumetric-water-meterconstruction. An example of the excellent features offered by the volumetric water meter is its measuring chamber which makes use of advanced engineering plastics/brass in order to reduce the internal wear of the system dramatically.


With its simple interface and high accuracy even when installed horizontally or at an incline the volumetric meter is easy to read and does not sacrifice it’s accuracy at any orientation. Working with temperatures up to 50ºC and in pressures up to 16 bar, the volumetric meter works in a variety of situations and thanks to its robust, leek-proof design the volumetric water meter can stand up to the toughest conditions to provide accurate measurement.



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