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What are the characteristics and advantages of large caliber water meters?

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     Large-diameter water meter is a metering product applied in agricultural irrigation, main pipeline, fire protection pipeline, factory and other scenarios. If the selection is wrong, it will bring a series of losses, such as inaccurate metering, water charges can not be collected, serious leakage, etc. For water supply enterprises, providing accurate water revenue data is their most critical work, and is also the premise and foundation of the existence of the metering department, Use appropriate large-diameter water meters and supporting systems to detect the leakage within the scope, find the leakage in time, and promote the intelligent development of water affairs.

     In order to solve the current problems of the water company, S.H.Meters has developed a variety of large-caliber water meter products for water companies, such as vertical spiral intelligent water meter, horizontal spiral intelligent water meter, rotary mechanical water meter, spiral mechanical water meter, Internet of Things large-caliber water meter, ultrasonic large-caliber water meter, and so on. As long as we know where the characteristics and advantages of each large-caliber water meter are, and select a reasonable type of water meter according to the use environment, It can greatly improve the utilization rate of water resources and improve the metering effect.



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