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Which smart water meter is suitable for agricultural irrigation

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Which smart water meter is suitable for agricultural irrigation

 Agricultural irrigation mainly refers to the irrigation of agricultural farming areas. Agricultural irrigation methods can generally be divided into traditional surface irrigation, ordinary sprinkler irrigation and micro-irrigation. As we all know, agricultural irrigation has always been a large water user, so how to use water resources efficiently is also a top priority. So, which of the smart water meters is best for agricultural irrigation?

 As the country's economic lifeline and large water user, agricultural irrigation has not had a good awareness of conservation and resource allocation methods in irrigation for a long time due to reasons such as ideology, capital, and technology. Most places use mechanical water meters for measurement, so it is easy to cause the waste of water resources and the loss of farmers if there is a pipeline damage that cannot be found in time; because the structure of mechanical water meters is mostly a rotor structure, it is easy to cause blockage and affect Water supply. However, the large-diameter ultrasonic water meter is different from the mechanical meter, because its structure belongs to ultrasonic measurement, there is no mechanical part in the meter, so there is no blockage, and the ultrasonic water meter can judge the flow direction of the fluid, and can measure the forward and reverse flow values in a distributed manner, and It can measure flow rate, cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, and record various parameters such as working time and failure time. Mechanical water meters cannot judge the reverse installation, resulting in measurement loss, providing opportunities for illegal water use, and can only measure cumulative flow. Moreover, the initial flow rate of the ultrasonic water meter is low, which greatly reduces the leakage phenomenon of the small flow rate of the mechanical water meter, and minimizes the loss of water cost measurement. Moreover, the pressure loss of the ultrasonic water meter is low, and the power consumption is small, which reduces the energy consumption of water supply. Therefore, in agricultural irrigation, the most suitable smart water meter is the large-diameter ultrasonic water meter.


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