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Which type of water meter is the market trend?

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For smart water meters that are rapidly developing and mechanical water meters that are still in large use, what type of water meters is the market trend?

Compared with the traditional mechanical water meter, the smart water meter has made great progress in technology and has great advantages in remote control. However, as a new thing, its development prospect has attracted a lot of attention. Faced with the development prospects of smart water meters, the opinions in the industry are different. Most industry people believe that smart water meters will develop well in the future.

According to the existing policy, the current responsibility of the Water Division is to maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets, provide consumers with sanitary and healthy drinking water and quality services, protect water resources, strive to reduce leakage of pipe networks, and continuously improve the safety and security water supply system. Actively participate in social welfare undertakings to promote the harmonious development of society.

How to improve service quality to provide users with better service, further reduce leakage of pipe network, protect water resources, and improve the work of safety assurance system has become a difficult problem for water supply enterprises to improve, improve and solve. Compared with traditional water meters, smart water meters can show advantages in this respect. How can we solve these problems and get rid of the high-tech technology of smart water meters?


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