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Why are prepaid water meters so popular?

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Currently, the entire water meter industry is in the transition stage from mechanical water meters to smart water meters. This change is naturally enjoyed by our water companies. As one of the pioneers of smart water meters, many water companies love IC card smart water meters. Why?

First of all, the water company will also eat. The traditional form of payment is that the water department calculates the water rate according to the water user's water consumption, and the water user pays the rate. One problem with this type of payment is the frequent occurrence of user defaults on water charges. Second, the water department must have a professional meter reader to read meters from house to house, spend a lot of time and energy on meter reading work, and some meter readers don't work seriously, often "they estimate the copy ", causing the division of water between the user and the user. The dispute has seriously affected the reputation of the Water Division.

After the water split adopts the IC card water meter, the above problem will not occur. The payment method of the IC card smart water meter is to "pay for the water after the water is paid first", and the water department stores the data on the IC card according to the amount of purchase of water from the user. In the middle, when the water runs out, the water meter closes the valve and the user can only buy it again to use it normally. Also, since the amount of water has been stored on the IC card, the meter reader eliminates the meter reading problem.

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