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Why are wireless water meters becoming more popular

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A water meter is a measuring instrument used to measure the flow of water in a pipeline. At present, the water meter that consumes a lot of water in the water pipe network system is a mechanical water meter that indicates on-site. When copying water meter data, a large number of meter readers need to manually copy water meter data on site. The meter reading work is huge and complicated, and the efficiency of the reading work is low. In order to improve the efficiency of reading, in the prior art, mechanical water meters with local indications are replaced by wireless remote water meters with pulsed remote transmission water meters. We propose a wireless remote water meter, which has the advantages of simple installation, lower cost, more malfunctions, and less maintenance. It can stop water supply to tap water users who exceed a given water consumption.
The wireless remote water meter has a wireless data transmission module, which can transmit the digital data signal of the water meter data in a wireless transmission mode. The water meter data remote transmission system does not need to lay a wired cable network, simple installation, low cost, less faults during use, and less maintenance.
In our product range, we have wireless remote Lora, GPRS, NB-IOT and Lorawan smart water meters for you to choose according to your specific project needs. 



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