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Why is bulk ultrasonic water meter suitable for agricultural irrigation?

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During agricultural irrigation, a large amount of water is needed, so it is very important to use water resources efficiently .

In the past, people generally used mechanical water meters for measurement. When the water pipe was damaged and could not be found in time, it would not only bring losses to the farmers, but also cause a waste of water resources. The structure of mechanical water meters mostly adopts the rotor structure. After a long time of use, it is prone to clogging and affects the water supply. It is very inconvenient for agricultural irrigation with large water consumption.

An obvious difference between a large-caliber ultrasonic water meter and a traditional mechanical water meter is that it belongs to ultrasonic measurement. There is no mechanical part installed inside the water meter, so there is basically no blockage, and the ultrasonic water meter can judge the flow direction of the water very well. And it can measure the positive and negative flow values in a distributed manner, and can measure the flow velocity, cumulative flow and instantaneous flow, which is convenient for people to manage water.

The traditional mechanical water meter cannot judge the reverse installation, and the measurement error is relatively large. It can only measure the cumulative flow, and sometimes it will give some opportunities to water thieves.
Large-diameter ultrasonic water meters have a relatively low initial flow rate, which greatly reduces the calculation of small flow leaks, making water calculations more accurate, and this kind of water meter consumes less power, and a battery can be used for many years, so it is used in agricultural irrigation. , the water meter is more suitable.

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Why is bulk ultrasonic water meter suitable for agricultural irrigation?


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