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Why is nb-iot remote water meter better than GPRS water meter?

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The popularization and use of water meter is to let people form the idea of careful calculation and water saving. At present, water supply enterprises pay more attention to wireless remote water meter, and wireless remote water meter includes nb-iot remote water meter, GPRS Remote water meter and Lora remote water meter. For water supply enterprises, although nb-iot remote water meter started late, its application effect is better than GPRS water meter. Why? In order to collect and collect data, the most original method of meter reading is to read meter at home , statistics. This way is very inconvenient, so there are now a variety of remote meter reading solutions. As far as the wireless meter reading scheme is concerned, GPRS Remote Meter Reading starts early. It solves a series of problems of manual meter reading. It is more advanced, more efficient and safer than manual meter reading. However, GPRS Remote meter reading also has some disadvantages, which can not be widely used, such as small user capacity, high power consumption, poor signal, etc. The nb-iot remote water meter is different. It uses the mature narrow-band Internet of things technology, which can solve the problem of GPRS water meter data acquisition process. NB IOT remote water meter inherits the GPRS Remote meter reading function, but also has massive capacity. The communication user capacity of the same base station is 10 times that of GPRS Remote meter reading; Under the same environment, the standby time of Nb IOT terminal module can be as long as more than 10 years; the new technology has stronger signal coverage (covering indoor and basement), etc.

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