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DN15 ultrasonic digital residential smart water meter

Range ratio: R200
Protection level: IP68
Maximum pressure: 1.6MPa
Maximum temperature: T50
Substrate: copper
Connection method: thread
Communication interface: M-BUS / RS485
Communication protocol: CJ188/modbus
Battery life: 8 years

  • DN15 ultrasonic digital residential smart water meter


DN15 ultrasonic digital residential smart water meter




We provide you with the best products

  • The battery is easy to replace, and has a replaceable battery structure design, which is convenient for market maintenance;

  • Ultra low power design,Long battery life;

  • Perfect management and testing system;

  • Select the best ultrasonic heat meter by sensor temperature test;

  • Eachwater meter is tested for flow and the best product is selected;

  • Small diameter water meter with copper shell for good ductility;

  • Large diameter water meter adopts standard flange thickness, strong water pressure.




About us

Catering for all your water metering needs:

As the China’s leading manufacturer and distributor with more than 50 years experiences, we have developed a comprehensive water meter range for the Commercial ,agriculture, Industrial and Domestic market. 
Moving with the changes in technology and precision metering has been the mission of the company since its genesis and we are adding metering that can support water sustainability using. 
Since 2009, we start the export business to the whole world, and hope more and more countries and region people can save the water with us together. 
Nowadays, SH-MECH Meters have already become one the main important exporter for water flow meters in China.
We will provide your product to your hand in timely manner and keep you informed of process with your order throughout the whole sales. 
From the strictly QC inspection, strictly cost control and five star quality services, we believe that you will own a more solution on water metering.

You really deserved a high precision and quality water flow meter!


Product packaging and transportation


Q: What is the battery life?
A: Regular use of ER18500 battery, 4500mAh, frequency of meter reading every 3 days, battery life can reach 4-6 years; if using upgraded version of ER26500 battery, capacity up to 9000mAh, frequency of meter reading once a day, battery life can be up to 4 More than a year.

Q: Can I accumulate stored data?
A: Ultrasonic water meter can store cumulative volume data for the last 24 months.

Q: What if the water meter is broken?
A: We will advise customers to purchase a certain number of spare water meters when purchasing in bulk. When problems occur, they can be replaced first, and then the problem water meter will be sent back to the manufacturer for confirmation and repair.
Q: Logo?
A: Yes.we provide the free design for your logo on water meter dial,and package.OEM/ODM Service?With more than 10 years OEM&ODM experience for famous brand ,we can provide the services.
Q: Agent?
A: Yes,We need partners.
Q: Delivery time?
A: 7 to 10 days.


We offer not only products, but also our after-sales service.
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