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gprs water meter working principle and characteristics of sh-meters

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gprs water meter working principle and characteristics of sh-meters

I. Overview

Wireless intelligent meter reading and water management system consists of data concentrator, wireless intelligent water meter, wireless meter reading network and management system software. The management center and the concentrator communicate remotely through GPRS, Ethernet or private line networks, while the microcellular wireless communication network is used for data communication between the concentrator and the instrument. The system automatically collects water volume data and implements water management functions such as data storage, statistics, report printing, and classified query.

Functions and Product Features

1. Measurement and monitoring function: Synchronize the data of the signal acquisition module with the measurement number of the reference instrument. Real-time recording of instantaneous flow, instantaneous pressure and cumulative flow rate every minute 24 hours a day. And can set the correction signal data deviation.

2, pressure monitoring function: real-time monitoring of changes in water pressure data, online instantaneous pressure.

3. Real-time monitoring and alarm functions:

(1) Abnormal alarm for online water leakage data of pipe network;

(2) Abnormal alarm for water meter measurement data;

(3) The direction of water flow is abnormally monitored and alarmed;

(4) Abnormal alarm of online water supply pressure data of pipe network;

(5) Low battery alarm;

(6) When the equipment is stolen, an alarm will be issued to it.

4. Low running cost, big data GSM anti-jamming mode transmission: public network communication based on the basic unit of the message, complete and accurate timing transmission: instantaneous flow per minute, instantaneous pressure, cumulative flow, leakage, turbidity, real-time data of residual chlorine

5. Maintenance-free long-life battery power: using ultra-low-power CPU chip, no 220V main power is required, and the battery can be used for more than 5 years under normal use of the product. The water department can replace the battery.

6, using advanced lightning protection technology: lightning protection level is ITU-T K21.

7, fully sealed aluminum alloy waterproof design: can adapt to outdoor exposure and water immersion, in line with IP68 standard (the highest level).

8, our gprs uses a functional battery with super capacitors

9, when leaving the factory, our water meters have to pass waterproof test, pressure test, high temperature, acid and alkali test, cold and hot alternation test.

10, our valve has protection measures, automatic opening and closing valve. It won't rust even after prolonged use.


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