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split sts prepaid water meter

The product is an STS Standard compliant, split keypad type, automatically valve controlled prepaid water meter.

The integrated keypad is offered to enter recharge TOKEN and check information by short codes.

Stronpay water vending software could be integrated to local Mobile Money Payment Platform like M-PESA,Alipay,MTN,Airtel, etc.

So users can top up PAYG water by mobile money without leaving the house.

Pay as you go function and excellent anti-tamper feature like Magnetic field protection to help utilities for Revenue water protection and consumer management.

Customer Interface Unit (CIu), is offered to enter recharge tokens and information by short codes.

The ClU is installed inside customer's house, when the meter is kept away from customer's reach in lockedboxes or houses.

Integrated sts prepaid water meter 

The keypad Prepaid Water Meters is an STS(Standard Transfer Specification) compliant,electronic valve controlled water meter. You are assured of continuously good metrology and revenue protection at the same time.

RF STS Prepayment Water Meter System consists of smart water meter and integrated keypad with RF module inside for AMR/AMI fuction.Automatic Meter Reading with/without valve control(AMR/AMI) function is also available,which could realize remote meter data collection&monitor;

It is compatible with both velocity and volumetric type water meter,which comply with OIMLR49.ISO4064.And conforms to STS standard protocol.

ic card prepaid water meter
The prepaid water meter have mechanical and electronic readings. It is used to control users overspend by prepaying with an IC card. Pay in advance and then use water get rid of the inconvenience of on-site meter reading and charging.
Advantage of the system
·OEM, language display and currency unit display can be customized, and company name can be added to the software.
·The data will be saved automatically after exiting the system.
·Simple management and user card making, easy to query consumption records.
Invoice printing, providing payment voucher to users in the most common form in the local area.


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