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smart water meter

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1. The concept and advantages of smart water meters

The concept of smart water meters is based on mechanical water meters. Smart water meter is a new type of water meter that uses modern microelectronics technology, modern sensing technology, smart IC card technology and other technologies to measure water consumption and conduct water data transmission and settlement transactions. It generally has only flow collection and mechanical pointers compared with traditional water meters. Compared with the function of displaying water consumption, it is a great improvement. In addition to recording and electronic display of water consumption, smart water meters can also control water consumption according to the agreement.


LED display: reading is simple and straightforward;

 Data storage and data transfer;

 Controllable valve;

Smart water meters are more convenient than mechanical water meters, making the water management more clear and clear.

(The above are just the generally visible advantages of smart water meters; the specific advantages can be described separately according to the functions of different water meters; you can refer to the advantages of prepaid water meters in the third chapter of this article)

2. The difference between smart water meters and mechanical water meters

Smart water meter contains many functions, such as remote control of water meter valve switch, remote meter reading, intelligent display reading and so on. The mechanical water meter can not achieve remote control closure, recharge, reading and other functions.

In general, smart water meters are more convenient to use than ordinary water meters. It is mainly reflected in the functions of valve control and reading.


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