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ultrasonic water meter

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1.Brief introduce

Ultrasonic water meter is intelligent measuring instruments by the temperature sensor , flow sensors and calculators. Calculator used the sensor and through the water of time difference to collect temperature differences and sound waves to complete accurate measurement of water flow. And can provide important application and data for many applications in the pipeline .S8 ultrasonic water meter is suitable for application environments requiring high range ratio(Q3/Q1) and forward and reverse metering.


Control box


Circuit board


Control box(below)

Iron body

Temperatures sensor

Main Characteristics

1. No mechanical parts, no wear

2. Micro power consumption design, large capacity battery power

3. Protection Class IP68

4. Range width, low starting velocity, high accuracy grade, good stability

5. For leakage control,Abnormal alarm,data SCADA,DMA

6. Convenient remote data transmission way GPRS communication, RS485 and M-bus communication interface

7. Accuracy R250/R400,T30/T50


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