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AMR wireless remote water meter and solution

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We are the top grade of smart water meter supplier with many AMR solutions in China. In the past few years, we have start push our smart water meter to overseas market. Now, we have install our smart water meter in India , Kenya, Mexico, Chile, South Africa and other markets. There is no doubt that SH-Meters is professional in this field.

1. Description

Size: DN15-25

Brass body, dry dail, with control valve,

R100, IP68, T30, 1.0 MPa,

865-868 MHz/470-510MHz,

Battery life:6-8 years,

Meter reading frequency :once a day


2.Operate :

Water meter sends radio signals to the data concentrator ---  data concentrator packages all the water meter data collected in the 500-800 meter range ---  transfers it to the cloud service platform by GPRS -- Customers manage water through a cloud service platform. The utility model has the advantages of small power, low cost and convenient operation. Structure As shown in the following picture


3.Installation conditions:

1).Intensive installation of water meters (suitable for apartments and residential areas with densely population) ;
2). External power supply can ensure the normal operation of data concentrator;
3). Fixed frequency (such as 865-868Hmz, 470-510Mhz).

With many years development, SH-Meter already has much successful experiences to help many regions and countries people to save the water with us together. Also hope to build a nice cooperation with you.


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