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​About Us
As the China’s leading smart water metering system provider , we have developed a comprehensive water meter and the smart metering system range for the Domestic market, Commercial, Agriculture and Industrial . Moving with the changes in IOT technology and more higher precision metering, we are adding more research cost on reduce NRW (Non-Revenue water), improve the high-efficiency using on water.

Today, we have many partners from all over the world with long time cooperation. Since 2019, for provide much more better services, we have started to go abroad, investigating local water metering markets,start some pilot projects and visiting our regular and new customers and for provide better products and services.

We never can't forget the mission from S.H.Meters" To be the leader for water metering system in abroad market". In future, we will do more in water saving, precision metering and intelligent control of water management.
Vision: To be the leader of water metering in oversea market
We provide professional products, solutions and services for overseas customers in the field of water metering. We are committed to establishing a leading position in overseas markets and building well-known enterprises in the industry.

Mission: Accurately measure the value of every drop of water
1.For Enterprises: Enterprises should continuously improve product quality and continuously improve the accuracy and intelligence of metering.
2.For customers: Through accurate metering and high-quality services, we can provide customers with metering, charging and other services, meter the value of water and create value for customers.
3.For the society: With the increasing layout of metering schemes, through value measurement, water can be used and saved in some regions and countries so as to create value for the society!

Values: sincerity, altruism, innovation.
Sincerity (For people): Be sincere to colleagues, customers, and enterprise stakeholders
Altruism (Doing things): Doing things altruistically thinking, altruism will ultimately be selfish, collaborative, sharing.
Innovation (Being an enterprise): Innovation drives the continuous development of an enterprise, and it is the vitality of an enterprise!