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  • Q Will the valve block?

    The water meter valve is automatically cleaned once a month to prevent blockage.
  • Q Protection level?

    At present, the perpaid water meter adopts the full potting and sealing technology, and the silicone gel package circuit board part is used, and the battery insertion opening is also sealed to achieve the IP68 protection level.
  • Q What is the battery life?

    A With ER18500 battery, the capacity is up to 4500mAh, the frequency of meter reading once a day, battery life can be up to 6 years.
  • Q Repair and maintenance

    A 1.Please keep a dry environment for keeping and installation
    2.Please keep notice on alarm signal from platform, include  reading, low power and so on and check and solve problem water meter meet.
    3. We will offer the guide of installation, repair and offer manual to each meters.
    4. We will replacement a new water meter within warranty time as 1 year if no hum man damage and can’t repaired.  Out of warranty time We will offer free guide service in all use life of water meter
    5. Battery time is 5 years in normal working condition. Normal used less than 5 years, we will offer the free battery for change.

  • Q Ultrasonic RS485 connection

    According to our guidance document.
    About the water meter address: Use the last 2 digits of the water meter serial number to convert it into a decimal code. The converted code is the table address of the water meter.
    Because our water meter serial number is a hexadecimal code, the software is a decimal code. Therefore, the conversion is required for the software to recognize.
  • Q Is the platform free? Can it be prepaid?

    A It is free, and the administrator can pre-charge the amount on the platform to create a user information file for each user.
  • Q What data on the water meter can the platform collect?

    A At present, our platform can collect the accumulated flow, battery voltage and upload time on the water meter, and the ultrasonic LoRa can also collect the instantaneous flow rate.
  • Q Does our platform have a user interface?

    A At present, our account has no user interface, and our customer-customized software can be used as a user interface.
  • Q Lora and Lorawan gateways. What is the role of the gateway? What is the connection with our water meter?

    A The gateway refers to the water meter signal receiving and transmitting device. In the Lora system, it is the concentrator, and the Lorawan is the signal tower. The gateway plays a role in the remote transmission system. It can be said that leaving the gateway, the water meter cannot communicate normally.
  • Q Do we have relevant communications and parameters related to the server?

    A The source code factory for communication between the water meter and the server or concentrator is unwilling to provide it, because providing this parameter is equivalent to giving the core part of our communication technology directly to the customer, but we can give it according to the customer. Communication protocol to make modules to meet customer needs.
  • Q What do you need if the system is docked?

    A System docking is through the HTTP protocol, using web authoring tools, such as POSTMAN, to send our domain name, account, password, order to the customer, the customer can add this data to their own software, so that through the customer's own software, Read and control the water meter.
  • Q Sealing

    1) Shake the silicone gels A, B, respectively. Shake for about 3 minutes.
    2) Pour A glue and B glue into the container in a ratio of 1:1, stir a few times.
    3) Pour the mixed glue into the electronic module, and it is transparent, and the state without bubbles is successful.
    4) When pouring down, first fill it up, wait for 1-2 minutes, wait until the glue penetrates into the bottom of the circuit board, and then fill it again, this will ensure that the entire module is partially sealed.
    5) After sealing the glue, restart the water meter and the water meter can be used normally. If you don't restart, the touch button on the water meter will fail.
    6) After sealing, the water meter needs to wait for about 6 hours to ensure that the glue is completely dry.
    7) After the glue is dry, add the water meter cover.
  • Q GPRS water meter SIM card installation

    A The sim water meter sim card is in the card slot on the back of the water meter LCD. After putting in the sim card, press and hold the interface on the signal strength for 3 seconds to wake up the water meter.
  • Q Can the ultrasonic water meter measure other liquids?

    A No, ultrasonic water meters can only measure water
  • Q Does the ultrasonic water meter read air?

    A Ultrasonic water meters require that the water in the pipe must be full. If there are too many bubbles in the pipe, the ultrasonic meter will not work properly.
  • Q Whether the ultrasonic water meter RS485 can be connected to 24v DC, do not understand where this line is connected?

    A The ultrasonic water meter can be connected to 24v DC. RS485 can be connected to the power supply through positive and negative power lines.
  • Q GPRS water meter, once the customer changes the card, what happens to the data, is it affected?

    A The data read by the GPRS platform comes from the reading of the electronic part of the water meter. Even if the water meter does not have a SIM card installed, the electronic part will still count normally, but the data transmission and control functions are affected. Sim card is just a means of communication, replacing the Sim card will not affect the water meter data.
  • Q Can GPRS not modify the time and date? So can the ID be modified?

    A The date and ID of the GPRS water meter cannot be modified by our software, but the time and date can be modified through the background of the factory.
  • Q Does GPRS have the function of secondary SMS communication?

    A This feature is not implemented on our platform and can be implemented through the customer's platform.
  • Q How do I know if there is a problem with the water meter and there is no data to return?

    A First of all, we can check in the alarm function on the platform that the water meter has no data to return, and then check the installation environment for obvious damage, and can use the method of actively triggering the water meter to go online;