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News and Events

  • 2019-10-11

    In September, shmeters marketing colleagues Tracy and Kris traveled to South Africa and Kenya to visit local customers. The customers showed great enthusiasm for our arrival. One of the customers had a good understanding of the working environment of the water supply system and water meter, and Inte

  • 2019-11-04

    With the gradual maturity of electronic remote water meter technology, more and more water departments have begun to use electronic remote water meters as water supply meters. What factors will the water department consider when purchasing an electronic remote water meter?1. Price factor: Price is a

  • 2019-07-19

    Water meter installation precautions1. Before installing the water meter, remove the stones, sand and other debris in the pipeline to prevent the water meter from being damaged or malfunctioning. If there are many impurities in the pipeline or the water quality is poor, the filter can be installed o

  • 2020-08-19

    Hello everyone, good day!I am Lisa SH-MECH meters, China. We’re a company which dedicated to providing water solutions. Today, I’d like to share some information about NB-IOT water meters. With the emergence of NB-IoT narrowband Internet of Things technology, the water meter industry has quickly set

  • 2020-08-19

    HEBEI SHANGHONG METERS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a company dedicated to providing water solutions.In order to solve the problem of difficult charging, a IC card prepaid water meter is recommended here.The IC card water meter is composed of base meter, control valve, controller, management software, and

  • 2020-08-10

    At present, in the whole field of electronic remote water meter, its main development direction is wireless. However, for some special areas, due to local communication conditions, wireless remote water meter cannot be installed, only wired remote water meter with remote transmission function can be

  • 2020-08-05

    Lora communication is adopted among water meter, repeater and concentrator, which is mainly used for concentrator to read data in water meter. When the concentrator receives the instruction from the workstation and uploads the data, it adopts GPRS communication. When the workstation needs to read th

  • 2020-07-29

    Lora water meter adopt Lora system. Lora is a kind of lpwan communication technology. It is a kind of ultra long distance wireless transmission scheme based on spread spectrum technology adopted and promoted by Semtech company of the United States. This scheme changes the previous trade off between

  • 2020-07-20

    Feature No.3The Industrial ultrasonic water meter could achieve both positive and negative directions measurement;It is more convenience to be used in some complicated pipe network.Feature No.4The signal output of Ultrasonic water meters have more choices could be chooseIt support both wired and wir

  • 2020-07-20

    Hello everyone, todya we will have a introduction of our smart ultrasonic water meter.Below is the brief introduction of the GPRS Ultrasonic bulk water meter for your reference,The ultrasonic water meter is different from the traditional mechanical water meter, there is no any wearing part inside, y

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